Providing Teen Girls Sanctuary in Greenville

Edwin Shoffner, an entrepreneur from Greenville, South Carolina, supports organizations that care for area youth. Pendleton Place is one of the groups Edwin Shoffner has supported through his numerous business ventures.

Located in Greenville, Pendleton Place provides a home for teenage girls at Smith House. Pendleton Place’s mission is to serve the entire family by offering programs to protect, prepare, and heal both children and adults, and Smith House’s trained and caring staff members not only provide emotional support, but also teach the girls life skills as well.

Girls and young women from 12 to 21 are provided with the basics (food and clothing), enabling their independence. At the home, young girls are given counseling services and educational support, but they are also taught financial literacy and civic engagement, all for the purpose of preparing the young women for independent living.

While not a part of the state’s Department of Social Services (DSS), the agency often refers girls to Smith House. Here, the girls are given emotional support and encouragement as they transition from teens to adulthood.



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Edwin Shoffner

As the president of Mattress by Appointment in Greenville, South Carolina, Edwin Shoffner builds on more than 30 years of experience in the bedding industry.